Tashnuva Anan

News Anchor

Transgender Rights Activist



Tashnuva Anan

News Anchor

Transgender Rights Activist



About Me

Tashnuva Anan Shishir is a Bangladeshi Transgender Rights Activist, Model, Actress & News Anchor Who Became Bangladesh's First Openly Transgender News Anchor on March 8, 2021.

  • Age: 30
  • Residence: Bangladesh
  • Address: Dhaka, Bangladesh

A Biography of Tashnuva Anan

I am Tashnuva Anan a 30-year-old Bangladeshi transgender activist and theatre worker. I am the first transgender news anchor in Bangladesh. I am from Mongla, Bagerhat and currently staying at Jatrabari working as a Case Management Officer at Ovibashi Karmi Unnayan Program (OKUP). My father’s name is Md. Samsul Hoque and my mother’s name is Jamiron Begum. Growing up as a member of a gender minority community, especially as a trans woman, life was not always so favorable for me. But I was determined and ambitious about my life goals and was ready to face any sort of struggles to uphold the stigmatized trans community in our country. This is why I was always attentive to my work and studies. I have done my SSC from T.A. Faruque High School and HSC from Govt. Tolaram College, Narayanganj. I have graduated from National University with a 1st class in B.S.S and 2nd class in M.S.S (Social Work).

Throughout my life, I have always been passionate about performing in theatre, dancing and social work.I have always believed that community impact is the way to spread a message to the broader community - I had been leading Bondhu Social Welfare Organization in Bangladesh, which has been one of the Pioneer Organizations for recognizing 1 million Transgenders in Bangladesh. Here, I was psychosocial & psychosexual Counselor for transgender people. Partner counselling & celebrating various days for the build-up consciousness for my community was the part of my job description.

Dancing is my passion since childhood. Kathak , Semi classic and Folk have been my cup of tea . I won National Award in Children Festival 2003. I was a dance teacher at Shuktara Shilpogoshti , “SEEP” (NGO) and was a director & workshop trainer of Street Children Theatre . Also performed in several tv channel and stage on several occasions eg: Pohela Baishakh, 26 march,21 February, 16 December, Pohela Falgun, Pohela Ashar, Bosonto Boron, Borsha Boron etc.

I am also a Freelance Costume Designer. I Designed costumes for Stage Drama “Ekjon Laxmindor” for Natua theatre “Doghdo” for Natua theatre Direction Biplab adtiya 2009 & “Bou” for Natua Direction paritosh saha 2010. ‘’Morter Oroshik for Bongolok Director Shamim Showkot Lovely. Mohabidda for kishakahini direction of Enam Tara Saki. Ekjon Laxmindor Direction Parvej Shorif. Shibani Shundori for Mohakal Natto Shomproday.

I have been a performer of stage drama for the last 23 year and currently working with BotTola and my major performed dramas are Dhogdho, Juddho o Shadhinota, Rokto Korobi, Ekjon Loxmindor, Birth Fantasy, Morter Oroshik, Target Platun, Tamoshik, Nononpurr Melay Ekjon Komla Sundori o Ekti Bagh Ase, Khona etc.

I have significant experience from the leading Training organizations in Bangladesh and Nepal, including BYLC, Advocacy Policy Influencing (API), SANGAT International Training from Nepal. Furthermore, as a Representative of a Marginalized Society in Bangladesh, I have been working with Social work, and I have professionally pursued the topic as my Masters Degree Topic in Bangladesh.

Now I am working as a volunteer with Sangat. We have a theatre group. In this group we are performing various concept based Human rights shows. As a volunteer some main responsibilities I have participated in a yearlong course to deepen understanding on Human Rights and Social Justice.

Before Joining Bandhu Social Welfare Society I worked as an Executive Officer in National Human Rights Commission, Bangladesh (Six Month). My Basic responsibility was to take the complaints against violence of transgender people. I also tried to make a collaboration with govt. Officers in different level for create job access for transgender people. We also did various Local, National &International level advocacy by National Human Rights Commission of Bangladesh (NHRCB). I also worked in another community based National Organization named Rethink as a research assistant. The organization is doing research for development and to change the life style of transgender people of Bangladesh. Besides, I worked in ICDDR, B as a field research assistant. The subject of research was injecting Drug User (GSM), FSW (Female sex Workers) MSW (Male Sex Workers) & Transgender.

I also worked in SEEP (Social Economic Enhancement Program) education based organisation.as a cultural facilitator. The program focused on child rights base. I was the only one transgender staff in that Organisation. I was a Counselor in Apon Rehabilitation Center in Manikgonj. The fundamental responsibilities were to give mental support to child especially who are in adolescence. I was making so many kinds of play that was for their mental refreshment. I was motivated them to keep a balance distance from drug by theatrical game.

I was a Motivational Speaker at BYLC youth Carnival in December 28, 2019 and in National Youth Assembly in February 27, 2020 organized by Jaago Foundation. I was a guest in several tv and radio show for example, Power Women FM 101.6 and in numerous webinars conducted from various Organisations e.g Her Net, Trans End, Revival etc.

During Covid-19 Pandemic I worked as a frontline volunteer relief worker in Gift for Good and various organizations. I tried to ensure poor people from my community don’t starve during this lock down. My relief work got featured in various news portals for example, Prothom Alo, The Daily Star, Uddogta Barta, Ekushey TV, Joyjatra Television, khola Kagoj, Independent News 24, DBC News etc.

I am also a Content Writer. I wrote several times in a online based newspaper Nari . I am the only trans woman who wrote about the #MeToo movement in our country because I felt it’s important to raise your voice to ensure a safe working environment for the transgender women in Bangladesh.

In conclusion, I believe in a gender equal society free from any sort of discrimination and I aspire to establish it through my work, performance and discussion.


Computer Proficiency :
• MS Word • MS Excel  • MS PowerPoint

News Anchoring :
• Presented news by researching, developing and covering field news event
• Generated and delivered special reports and communicated in community events on behalf of the station.
• Identified and secured multiple information sources for each story to provide accurate, credible news coverage.
• Respond to emergencies and breaking news stories with a strong sense of urgency.

Social Media Influencing
• Has over 50 thousand followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Linkedin
• Maintained strong social media and brand presence across Twitter, Facebook & Instagram platform

• Developed online marketing campaigns, influenced and effectively increased followers, engagement for brands including Yamaha, Bangladesh

• Created awareness campaign for cyberbullying, UNDP

(Masters of Public Health)

BRAC JPG School of Public Health, Dhaka.

M.S.S (Social Work)
National University

Govt. Tolaram College, Narayanganj.

Result : 2nd Class

B.S.S (Hon's)
National Univeristy

Govt. Tolaram College, Narayanganj. Social Work

Result : 1st Class

Govt. Tolaram College

Group : Humanities, Result : GPS 4.90 (Out of 5.00), Board : Dhaka

T.A. Faruque High School

Group : Science, Result : GPS 3.88 (Out of 5.00), Board : Jashore

Experience & Languages
  • News Anchor
  • Model
  • Actress
  • Bengali
  • English
  • Hindi

•  Trained on basic counselling in Win rock International institution
•  ToT on life skill development in MJF
•  Trained for Dance movement therapy in Bondhu social welfare society
•  Qualified in International Feminist capacity building course on gender, sustainable livelihoods, human
•  Rights and Peace.
•  Enrolled in BYLC for youth leadership summit 2019.

Awards & Achievements

•  Human Rights Award by Manusher Jonno Foundation
•  Joyeeta Award
•  Best Bangladeshi News Presenter in North America by Showtime Music
•  Real Heroes Awards 2021 by Tholay.com
•  অনন্যা
•  Placed top 20 in Channel-i dance competition, 2016
•  Placed first on folk dance in annual cultural competition 2010
•  Placed first prize on Classical Dance on Annual School Cultural Competition 2005
•  Placed first prize on poem recitation Islamic Foundations


• Founder & Director of Shree- a leading platform for gender and sexual minority people.
•  Worked as a project officer In Bondhu Social welfare society- Transgender Community based organisation for 15-30 aged community people including
•  Advocated with the local stakeholders to enhance the probability of job access among the mainstream people of gender sexual minority (GSM)
•  Assisted to ensure the goal to Inclusion of GSM with mainstream people to achieve SDG (sustainable development goal)
•  Worked as an Executive officer in the National Human rights commission of Bangladesh where my basic responsibility was to take complaints against violence if transgender people.
•  Took attempts to make collaboration with government officers at different levels to create job access for transgender people Took workshop on gender prejudices by Tendertalk, BRAC Bank
•  Did various local, national & international levels of advocacy by NHRCB.
•  Advisor at TransEnd- a leading NGO for gender minority people.

Acting & Modelling

• Appeared in 2 Online video commercials (OVC).
• Debuted in 2 movies which are Koshai (released) & Goal (unreleased)
• Performed over 10+ television dramas, Short films including ‘Oporaner Golpo’ directed by Binu Mahamudra and ‘Khudiramer Fashi’ directed by Abdula Bin Saad.
• Promoted 20+ brands including Bibi Russel, Nikkon & দুলদু দু চুড়ি মা লা etc in their Facebook pages.
• Appeared in New York Fashion Week
• Appeared in Newspaper and magazines including Time Magazine, New York Times, BBC, Brut India, Times of India, The daily star, AP, Shadakalo & Aham Etc


•In 2006, July, 7days Theater Workshop of Shilpakala Academy
•In 2007, July, 1-month Theater Workshop of Aikik theatre Narayangonj
•In 2008, August, 3 days Theater Workshop of Shongshoptok Nattodol
•In 2012, January, 3 Month Theater Workshop at Aranyak Nattodal
•In 2014, February 7 Days Theater Workshop at Shilpakala Academy
•In 2015, April, 7 days Theater Workshop at Shilpakala Academy

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